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DicksonWare Secure Version 8.0

21CFR11 konforme Software

zum Auslesen des Loggers, mit Exportfunktion für Excel
inkl. USB- oder RS232-Interface-Kabel

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Software für Dickson Datenlogger

Diese Software ist nur in Englisch (bzw. Spanisch und Französisch) erhältlich, daher geben wir die Informationen ebenfalls auf Englisch wieder:

  • Required to access and view data for all Data Logger Models - Not Including D100, D200, D135 Microsoft Windows® compatible
  • Allows for simple viewing and zooming of logged data
  • Easy set-up of Dickson Data Loggers including:
    - User selectable sample intervals from 10-seconds to 24-hours
    - Display temperature in C or F
    - Delayed logger start times
  • Logger data capacity can be set to wrap data or stop when full
  • Allow for real time monitoring and graphing with these units:
    - Display Loggers (SR300, TR320, SM101, SM150, SM175, TM121, TM125)
    - Data Loggers (SX100, TX120, SR200, TR300, SP100, SP150, TP120, HT100, HT120, HT125, SK180, TK180, SK500, TK500)
    - Flat Panel LCD Recorders (FH135, FT131)
    - Pressure Loggers (PR100, PR300, PR500)
    - Universal, Event and Pulse Loggers (ES120, ES120A, EV100, PS100)
  • Effortless exporting of data and graphs to other software
  • Data can be viewed in tabular(numeric/table) or graphical formats
  • Fast downloading of logged data - 30 seconds (typical) from full logger
  • Even shows battery power status for battery operated loggers

Additional Secure (21CFR11 compliant) Feature

  • Validate your data with this special version of DicksonWare that provides password protection, encrypts your data, generates an audit trail of user activity and labels all charts with the User ID and Serial Number of your logger