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Software inkl. USB- oder RS232-Interface-Kabel

zum Auslesen des Loggers, mit Exportfunktion für Excel

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Software für Dickson Datenlogger

Diese Software ist nur in Englisch (bzw. Spanisch und Französisch) erhältlich, daher geben wir die Informationen ebenfalls auf Englisch wieder:

  • Required to access and view data for all Data Logger Models - Not Including D100, D200, D135 Microsoft Windows® compatible
  • Allows for simple viewing and zooming of logged data
  • Easy set-up of Dickson Data Loggers including:
    - User selectable sample intervals from 10-seconds to 24-hours
    - Display temperature in C or F
    - Delayed logger start times
  • Logger data capacity can be set to wrap data or stop when full
  • Allow for real time monitoring and graphing with these units:
    - Display Loggers (SR300, TR320, SM101, SM150, SM175, TM121, TM125),
    - Data Loggers (SX100, TX120, SR200, TR300, SP100, SP150, TP120, HT100, HT120, HT125, SK180, TK180, SK500, TK500),
    - Flat Panel LCD Recorders (FH135, FT131),
    - Pressure Loggers (PR100, PR300, PR500),
    - Universal, Event and Pulse Loggers (ES120, ES120A, EV100, PS100)
  • Effortless exporting of data and graphs to other software
  • Data can be viewed in tabular(numeric/table) or graphical formats
  • Fast downloading of logged data - 30 seconds (typical) from full logger
  • Even shows battery power status for battery operated loggers